How to Use WhatsApp on your computer without a Smart Phone

Following are the steps needed to setup whatsapp on your PC and configure it to your home phone number
Bluestacks is an ANDROID emulator (Basically you will be running a simulated smart phone on your PC)
Once you have loaded the emulator (Bluestacks) - The You will need to load WhatsApp on it
and set it up to either your home phone or any number that you can answer to receive the verification code

Download BlueStacks from This Link
Install Bluestacks on your PC (Run the Program you just downloaded to install it)
Run then BlueStacks program you just installed and enter your Gmail id. (If you don't have one you
  must goto to to add it
Then install WhatsApp from AppStore (on your Bluestacks emulator) and configure it as follows ...
Use your Home Phone Number where it asks for a phone number (or any number you can receive a voice call on)
When SMS Fails Select Call me for Verification
Answer the phone (The number you entered earlier)
Enter the Verification number you receive from the phone call into the whatsapp program
You Should be setup
Next contact either Mike Cosgrove or Myself (Dan Spangler)  - Give us the phone number you added
   into the app before and we can add you to the WARCC Group
Have Fun!!!


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